Gomimi Cute Talking Monsters

Gomimi Cute Talking Monsters

Meet the Gomimis: Blue, Green and Pink.
You can literally talk to the Gomimi monster by using the mic button or by just typing your text.

You can ask him to do anything such as telling jokes or stories, do funny things and even solve simple math problems. Tickle the cute monster to make it laugh, or drag and hold to move him around.
Just don’t forget to feed the hungry little creature once in a while!

You can play fun and challenging games and earn coins which will enable you to buy food or special hats.
This Tamagotchi and voice activated game is highly recommended for Kids of all ages.
Adults would also love playing this interactive and educating game.

♥ Enjoy! ♥

It’s like Siri for children but cuter 🙂

► Brought to you from the makers of Noogra Nuts and Run Cow Run

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  1. Andy, February 16, 2014
    Great game for kids! So entertaining :) Reply
  2. Rachel, March 10, 2014
    It's like Pou for android but much cuter. My daughter loves it. Please add more levels! Reply

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