Stop Kim! 중지 김

Stop Kim!  중지 김

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★★★ Try to save the world in this addictive and funny game!!! ★★★

Kim Jong Un, the dictator, wants to launch his nuclear missiles on the free world and you are the only one who can prevent a nuclear war!

Your goal is to disarm Kim’s nuclear missiles as fast as you can before he fires them and causes a world war!

Press and hold on the missile to disarm it, but be careful – don’t let Kim see you! If you’re being noticed, quickly release your hold as otherwise you’ll get busted and Kim will push the red button…

Stop this madness and save the world from the North Korea leader.
Challenge Kim Jung Il’s son and his Basketball player friend in this exciting adventure LOL 🙂
All you need is good reflexes and courage.

Stop Kim Jong Un the dictator

♥ Brought to you from the makers of ‘Noogra Nuts‘, ‘Run Cow Run‘, ‘Casino Spin – Wheel Slots‘ and ‘Photaf 360 Panorama


This is a satirical game for entertainment purpose only and should not be taken seriously!
All characters appearing in this game are fictitious. Any resemblance to real persons is purely coincidental.

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Comments (3)

  1. Mike Leo, April 15, 2013
    Good parody game! Someone should indeed stop this tyrant, Kim Jong-Un! War is a very bad thing... Reply
  2. Sung Eui-Kon, April 23, 2013
    최근 다소 진정되는 모습을 보였던 남북간의 긴장이 이처럼 다시 고조되는 양상을 나타내자, 누리꾼들은 일부 보수단체들의 과잉 행동을 비판했다. 김정은이 미쳐 날뛰고 있습니다 나는이 게임을 사랑 Reply
  3. Clarissa, April 28, 2013
    I love this game! So much fun and very entertaining. We should also stop Kim Kardashian LOL Reply

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