Noogra Nuts – Hats special powers

Many players are asking about the Hats special powers.
So here is a list of each Hat that has a special power:

The Fez – Increases your life by 2 while playing survival mode!
Almighty King – Get 2 mini players while playing classic mode!
Crown Prince – Get 1 mini player while playing classic mode!
Mushroom Spore – Increases player’s size by 15%!
Jail Snitch – Attracts the nuts to your head during the first 25 seconds of the classic game
Combat Helmet – This hat will give you the amazing Iron Acorn!
The Chef – Causes nuts to immediately crack open!
Smelly Dead Fish – Causes rotten nuts to give you 100 points!

Also, here’s a video showing them in Action 🙂


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