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Noogra Nuts – How to unlock jungle mode for FREE

Hi all,
We’ve made a video showing how to unlock jungle mode for free by liking our Facebook fan page.
Check it out:

Noogra Nuts 1.4.5 update adds new control options

Hi All,
We’ve just updated Noogra Nuts to version 1.4.5 that adds a new control option!
Now you can also control the squirrel using left and right …

Noogra Nuts – Hats special powers

Many players are asking about the Hats special powers.
So here is a list of each Hat that has a special power:
The Fez – Increases your …

Welcome to our new website!

Hi All,
We just published our new website, it is still new and we are filling it with content.
Let us know what you think about it.